Beauty From the Inside Out: How to be Confident in Your Own Skin

How many times have you been watching TV when your viewing experience is interrupted by an obnoxious ad for Yet Another Weight Loss Miracle?
“Hate your body? Tired of being ugly and flabby with your UNSIGHTLY muffin top? Thunder thighs? Cellulite?¹ Try this new easy pill that guarantees you shed 47 pounds in three days!” proclaims the beautiful model.
The diet industry feeds off of people’s self-loathing. They assume you are unhappy with yourself and they offer a miracle in a bottle that has no actual health benefits and will be of no real value to you in the long run. They make millions of dollars off of convincing you, the average consumer, that you are in fact a very unattractive human being and only by taking their product will you stop being the Unsightly Person that you are. Now if that doesn’t inspire you to change your life, I don’t know what will. These people would not make very good motivational speakers.
When I was a teenager I was constantly made fun of for being so skinny; many people even called me anorexic. I hated my body. I struggled with my self-image and turned to junk food in an attempt to put on the pounds, but even though I wanted to gain weight, not lose, I can relate to the negativity that many people feel about their bodies. My own path to better health began when I accepted myself first. This must be the beginning of your own journey to making lifelong changes. Shame never gets people anywhere. If you are looking to change your health and feel better about yourself, I encourage you to begin with this simple exercise at home: Stand in front of your mirror and say, “I’m awesome! I’m worth caring for. I will give myself my best!” Say it until you start to believe it. You rock.
What is the outcome of negativity? It only spirals into negative behaviors. What does a positive attitude inspire? A true desire to take care of yourself. Are you going in the right direction? Changing your body can be a result of a better lifestyle, but should not be the motive behind it. Transform yourself from the inside out. You, my friend, are NOT an Unsightly Person. You are a miracle. You are an awesome and valuable human being created in God’s image and you deserve to give yourself the best. Now with that in mind, turn off the TV and go for a walk. Then have a muffin.

  1. I have had cellulite for years despite being thin and in shape and personally don’t give a rat’s behind about the dimples on my butt and thighs which are, in spite of what we are told, a perfectly normal thing because the whole concept of cellulite is a bunch of crap created and perpetuated by society’s attempt to impose impossibly high standards on women to look perfect. Before and after pictures promoting the wonders of cellulite-removal products aren’t real. So unless you can photoshop your actual body, don’t believe everything you see.

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