Get Buff

If you exercise already, but have not added strength training to your routine, or if you are thinking about getting started with an exercise regimen, I will help you learn the benefits of strength exercises. You may think you’ll never be one of those dudes the size of a refrigerator who could bench press you. Or a refrigerator. It doesn’t matter. Resistance training is an important aspect of exercise because you will gain better physical mobility and even stronger bones.

Consult with your doctor if you have any major health issues before beginning a routine. To get started, think about what may work for you. Do you like exercising alone? In a group? High intensity or low? Consider your current state of health and fitness. What kinds of workouts may interest you? Strength exercising is important, but I believe people should do something they enjoy. You may have heard “no pain, no gain”  but to get the best benefit of working out, take care of yourself, don’t push too hard, and practice good form to help prevent injury. Working out takes discipline but shouldn’t be torture.

If you like working out at home, use a home gym. Exercising at home is nice because of the convenience. I prefer working out by myself and this way I don’t have to be around other sweaty people. (I get grossed out very easily.) For a less expensive option, buy some free weights. They don’t cost much. You can even do exercises with your own body weight like lunges and pushups. I personally enjoy yoga because it combines strength exercise, balance and flexibility. Yoga is great because you work a variety of muscle groups, good for a full body workout. If you prefer to be in the company of others, look into gyms nearby and get a membership. Work with a personal trainer to best find the right workout for your fitness needs.

Now what good does weight bearing exercise do for your body? Lots. First, look toward the future. As people age, muscle mass and strength tends to decrease but much of this is caused by lack of use as people get older. Most people reach their peak muscle mass around age 40. So if you are up there in years, it is never to late to start exercising. This can help you be more mobile, and maintain your muscles and strong bones. And if you are young, now is the time to build healthy habits to keep you strong and agile into old age. If you are looking to lose weight, the more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism will be. This is why weight training is important if you want to burn fat. Even weight bearing exercise, not just cardio, will also help strengthen you heart and lungs and you will have more energy.

So wherever you are in your fitness journey, hit the gym or pick up those weights and lift your way to a stronger, more energetic, healthier life.

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