How to Glow with Coconut Oil

It seems like every health guru out there today is proclaiming the benefits of coconut oil. There is never a single cure-all for whatever ails you (and be wary of anyone who claims there is), but coconut oil is pretty awesome stuff, and it has healing properties that are good for your skin health.

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer. The medium-chain triglycerides are wonderful for healing and moisturizing your skin, and the vitamin E it contains is a great antioxidant to help prevent aging. If you have very dry skin or even eczema or other skin conditions and have tried other moisturizers, try using coconut oil every day. It absorbs fairly quickly into the skin. Even so, because it is a pure oil I typically use it at night before I go to bed in case any grease were to get on my clothes. If you have very dry skin, put a good layer on at night and cover your hands with gloves or plastic wrap.

My one thing about the way I look that I am a little self-conscious about is my very dry scalp. I will use a small amount of coconut oil in my hair and work it through from the ends of my hair to the roots and into my skin and it helps. Coconut oil is a great detangler. Use a small amount to begin with; my hair is fine but fairly long and I only use a pea size amount at a time. Oil can quickly take that beautiful shine you want and end up making you look like you haven’t showered in  three months. A little goes a long way. I still have flare-ups but this had made a difference, especially in the winter.

You may have heard of coconut oil being used to help prevent sunburn. The antioxidant properties of coconut oil are great for keeping skin looking young, but I need to set one thing straight: especially if you are fair-skinned, don’t suddenly slather it on and bask in the sun all day on a hot July afternoon. You will regret it. Used externally as a moisturizer as well as taken internally up to a few tablespoons a day will help your body’s defenses against aging. Use it in your daily routine, and it may help your tolerance as you increase exposure to the sun. Sunscreen without both UVA and UVB protection can actually increase skin cancer risk; most sunscreens protect you from visible sunburn but not cancer-promoting damage you can’t see. For sun damage, my best advice is an antioxidant-rich diet and regular skin care with coconut oil, and limit your exposure to the sun. ( Many people are vitamin D deficient; I advise getting plenty of sunblock-free sunshine for your vitamin D, just not enough to get sunburned) Cover up with light clothing and a broad-rimmed hat in the summer, and use some coconut oil. So for anti-aging, moisturizing, and healing help with skin conditions, add a little coconut oil to your skin and in your diet every day, and feel the glow.

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