Beat Winter Blues and be a Healthy New You

This is a time of year where everyone is making new years resolutions, but winter may not be everyone’s favorite time to get healthy, and get moving. It’s cold. There’s snow. There’s lots of snow. You probably, like I do, would rather curl up in your bathrobe and chug hot chocolate before taking a snooze. But a new year is a symbolic time for new beginnings and I want to help you embrace a healthy new you.

I am actually not necessarily one to place a huge emphasis on achieving goals, although goals can be helpful for people to have something to drive them forward. I focus on the process of transformation, emphasizing the wellness journey and enjoying life each day as it comes, but as this new year begins think about how you want to see yourself. Losing weight? More energized? Happier?

Here are a few hints to help you get going on your way to a better you. Cut down sugar and carbs, even though, yes we all tend to crave these things in the winter. Too many empty carbs sap your energy. Opt for whole fruits to satisfy sweet cravings. Get moving, even a little. The more you move, the more energy you have. I am not particularly active and prefer mild exercise, but at least being on my feet helps my body be more energized, and exercise has the added benefit of releasing endorphins, which help you feel happier. If your happier, you’re more motivated. If you live where you don’t get much sun, try a vitamin D supplement. Fish oil can also help with a positive mood.

Life is a journey, something I have to remind myself of sometimes. So enjoy a little hot chocolate and nap time, but each day put a smile on your face and make this a year for a healthier you. Get up, get moving, eat well, and keep moving forward and good luck on your new year’s resolutions. Wherever you are at in your journey it is never too late, and it is always the right time to begin making changes and be a better, healthier you. If you need me, I will be doing some yoga in my bathrobe and slippers…

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