Don’t Take Life Sitting Down

I think there is a mindset these days that is counterproductive and becomes a stumbling block for people who want to achieve better health. You turn on the TV and notice every other ad seems to be for some new medicine for every ailment. I am not against medicine when it is absolutely necessary, but I think there is a prevailing mindset in modern health that does not fully empower people to take charge and choose to be at their best, choosing discipline, choosing whole foods, choosing natural, safer alternatives, choosing to believe we are made for something better. Choosing to live life to the fullest.

Life isn’t perfect. Maybe you have a chronic illness that will never be cured. Maybe you have had a surprising and scary diagnosis recently. But you can still live for something better. Don’t take anything sitting down. Fight. Fight for your health. Fight for your life. Whatever your situation, don’t believe that you need to surrender to a life of fatigue, health problems, endless medications and accept that your health is completely beyond your control. It’s not. Yes, you can do this. Get up, go for a walk, and choose to make the best of your life.