Why You Should Ditch Calorie Counting (And What to do Instead)

Most people have heard, calories in, calories out. But how your body handles food is much more complex than that. Like regulating your body temperature, pH levels, etc, your body is always trying to maintain homeostasis. Your body loves balance and it is always working to keep balance, and that includes your weight.

If you try to eat an extremely low calorie diet, besides risking nutritional deficiency, it is also not good for your metabolism. When your body realizes you are not getting enough to eat, in an effort to maintain balance, your metabolism slows and you will need fewer calories to maintain the same weight, making it harder to lose weight in the long run. When trying to lose weight, eat enough food for you to get the nutrients you need.

When you eat lots of carbs, which run rampant in our processed food loving soda guzzling culture, insulin spikes to deal with the influx of sugar, and high insulin levels put you into fat storage mode. Your body does not like to burn fat when you have an over abundance of sugar running through your bloodstream.

Carbs aren’t the only problem. As well as contributing to chronic inflammation, processed vegetable oils are also known to interfere with healthy thyroid function. Cut out any vegetable oils you cook with, skip fried foods, as well as most packaged foods.

A diet loaded with the wrong types of foods that your body was not meant to eat wreak havoc on your system and prevent your body’s natural ability to maintain a healthy weight. Small differences in calories don’t matter because your body will constantly adjust to try to maintain your weight’s set point. If anyone struggles with overeating every meal, or on the other hand, have tried super low calorie diets, finding your calorie needs can give you a helpful idea of how much food is sufficient for you nutritional and energy needs, but should not be used in the strictest sense like a math equation.

Eat whole, nutrient dense foods, and cut out any refined foods to help your body be at it’s best and be healthy.

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